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Welcome to Ebook Cover Creator, the site dedicated to reviewing ebook cover design software tools, PhotoShop actions, ebook cover templates, and ebook cover design services. Click the links to the left under Navigation to read the reviews now.

We have many years of experience in product image design and try to stay up-to-date about all of the latest ebook cover creation tools available on the Internet.

All of our product reviews include links back to the respective product sites should you wish additional information. Some of these links may be affiliate links for which we derive a small commission to help keep this site running.

We hope you will find our reviews of value and encourage you to let us know about new ebook cover design products.

If you want additional information about a product, or want to discuss having a custom cover created, please contact us at info@schneiderman.net or by calling us at 918-810-5233.


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