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My Ecover Maker

If you create or resell digital products, offer a newsletter to your site visitors, or regularly produce and distribute reports or videos, then you need a product image or "ecover" to make your product more tangible and valuable to prospective buyers. 

There are many different ways to get these ecovers made. You can pay a designer upwards of $147.00 per image, or you could purchase software or PhotoShop actions but then there's a considerable investment in time and money. Luckily, my friend, Tuan, has created MyEcoverMaker.

MyEcoverMaker is a web-based solution for creating ecovers of all types. There is a limited free version and a very economical monthly or annual membership plan costing only $9.00/month or $90.00/year. That's dirt cheap for covers. You start your project by selecting the template desired. For the purposes of this review, I chose the Paperback Stack. There are 32 different templates to choose from, but you need to be a paid member to access all of them.

Next I chose a background for my cover design. MyEcoverMaker provides you with access to a nice gallery of background images. You can select all or a portion of the background as desired, or you can upload your own image.

Once your background is selected, you can begin to customize the cover to your liking. If you want, you can add a variety of images, shapes, seals and icons, frames and borders and stock photo images -- all at no additional cost.

Then you can add text for titles, author names, URLs -- whatever you want. You can select from a variety of fonts, sizes, colors, etc. MyEcoverMaker is very feature-rich and easy-to-use. You simply click on the features you want to use, make your selections and click the green checkmark to apply your changes.

Once you have completed your 2D design, you click the Finalize button to render your image. Within seconds, your final image will be displayed in 3D. Note shadows and reflections will be added to give the final image a rich, detailed and realistic look.

All you need to do now is click and drag the corner of the image to resize it to your precise needs and then click the Download button to save it to your hard drive. Registered members can actually save their projects online for future recall and modification.

At only $9.00/month or $90.00/year, MyEcoverMaker makes it very economical to create your own product images quickly and easily. To test the site yourself for free, please click here now.