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True Box Shot Cover Editor

What? Another ebook cover maker? Yeah, but True Box Shot Cover Editor is different. It has a completely different approach. It's a combination of PhotoShop and ray tracing. You pick a cover type (including the usual suspects such as software boxes, ebooks covers, CD and membership cards), pick a design template, and start customizing.

True Box Shot Cover Editor displays a box cover broken down into the front side and top, bottom and left and right sides. You design all sides at the same time using a graphics editor that enables you to do some very sophisticated things including working with layers, adding glow or drop shadows, adding gradients, changing fonts, etc. You also have access to a library of shapes you can use to further customize your design. The included templates were obviously designed by a professional -- they look amazing.

When you design an ebook cover with True Box Shot Cover Editor, you work on the front, back and spine in one layout. This makes it a breeze to maintain a design across multiple elements. And as you customize the design, you see a small rendered version in the upper corner. You can even twist and turn this preview with your mouse to see how it looks from different angles. This is a very cool feature.

I've lost count of how many different ebook cover design tools I own, but this one joined my collection without a second thought. It's different enough to add value to my collection of tools. The included designer templates are worth the price of admission and the convenience of working on an entire design at once is huge. No longer do I have to juggle multiple files in PhotoShop. And I can see how my rendered finished product will look at any time.

True Box Shot Cover Editor comes in another version which is a PhotoShop plug-in. I did not test it yet, but I am impressed enough by these developers to recommend all of their products hands down. To learn more about True Box Shot Cover Editor, please click here.