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Virtual Cover Creator

It's a real challenge marketing products that people can't hold in their hands. What does it look like? Is it cool? Is it right for me? Do I really need it?

In order to remove these doubts -- these reasons for people to abandon a sale -- you need to make these intangible products tangible through the creation of a well designed graphic -- an ebook cover or a software box. Unfortunately, most of us are not artists, and that's where Virtual Cover Creator comes in might handy. Check out the sample graphics below.


Sure you could pay a professional designer about $100.00 to create a single cover, but wouldn't you rather spend the same amount of money to create unlimited designs yourself? It's a no-brainer decision. Sure you would.

Now there are several software tools available to create ebook covers and software boxes and CD cases. Most are quite good. The best of them come with a library of ready-made professionally designed graphics. Virtual Cover Creator does, too. In fact, I think their graphics are among the best I've seen to date. All you need to do is add some text and, bingo, you're done.

Virtual Cover Creator allows for tremendous flexibility. It has a built-in graphics package so you no longer need to juggle between multiple packages to create your design. This really makes it much faster to complete your project. The graphics package is VERY powerful. I was surprised by what it could do. Very full-featured, making this almost like two tools in one.

After you design your front cover, spine or box tops, you can assemble them and view them in 3D immediately. The rendering is top-notch with Direct X 8.1 installed and a fast processor. You can rotate the image, change the lighting, the reflection, the shadows, all in real-time. Fantastic!

The neatest feature I have seen is the ability to manipulate objects. Let's say you have designed a wide book case to hold multiple books. You can determine the number of books that will fit into the book case. You can slide each book in and out of the case. You can slide a CD in and out of its jewel case. This is VERY cool.

While I have used other competitive products for some time, Virtual Cover Creator may very well become the only tool I use to create covers and boxes in the future. It's that good. To learn more and download a FREE trial, click here.